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This post appeared originally at and can be found here and was authored by Kerry Sugrue. This is the first part of a continuing series from the blog what will appear monthly here at the multifamily minute.

With social media constantly changing, it can seem like the options are endless, so where do you start?  Look no further!  Here are 25 things you should be doing with social media right now:

  1. Set up an account and start taking pictures with Instagram.  It is an easy photo taking and sharing app that was recently purchased by Facebook, so there are big things to come!
  2. Create a Pinterest board of apartment-friendly decorating ideas for your residents.
  3. Partner with a popular neighborhood restaurant to provide your residents with a Facebook exclusive offer.  Post a status update with coupon code to redeem 20% off.  It will make your fans feel really special.
  4. Tweet street cleaning schedules to make sure your residents don’t get tickets.
  5. Take a poll on your Facebook page asking residents what brand of coffee they would like in the lobby this month, then let them know you listened!
  6. Choose a resident to highlight as your Resident of the Month on Facebook in an effort to help everyone get to know their neighbors.
  7. Create a Facebook group for your employees to swap ideas, ask questions, give praise for a job well done and get to know each other.  Make sure the group is set as private.
  8. Start Trivia Tuesdays on Twitter and give away small prizes to your residents for correct answers.
  9. Ask your residents to Like you and follow you on social media websites!  You would be surprised how simply asking will help grow your fan base.
  10. Keep your LinkedIn company profile up to date with current job openings and company information.  You can recruit top talent this way.
  11. Read multifamily industry blogs, like Multifamily Insiders and, to stay on top of trends and news.
  12. Start a blog that provides relevant apartment living, neighborhood and community information for your residents.
  13. Respond to all comments and mentions on social media, whether positive or negative, in a timely, professional manner.
  14. Create Facebook events for your community get-togethers, so residents have all the information on the website they check most often, as well as the ability to see who else is attending.
  15. Tweet the weather forecast first thing every morning to help your residents decide what to wear.
  16. Host a charity like-a-thon and donate a certain amount of money or volunteer hours for every new Like you get on Facebook during a period of time.
  17. Add your social media profiles to all of your current marketing materials, so people know you are active on those websites.
  18. Start accepting maintenance request via your Facebook wall.  Make sure to respond to each request and follow up after the job is complete.  This will show current and prospective residents how great your customer service is.
  19. Create a Facebook application with your leasing office and community staff photos and bios, so your residents know who to go to with questions, as well as the names of the people that make their community run smoothly.
  20. Tweet fun, easy recipes that residents can make during the work week.
  21. Wish residents happy birthday on Facebook or Twitter.
  22. When the first of the month is rolling around and rent is due, tweet out a reminder for residents.
  23. Create a social media policy and training course for your employees to ensure they understand the importance and responsibility of online behavior.
  24. Capture nice things your residents are saying about you online and repurpose them in marketing materials or in a slide show that plays on your lobby TV’s.
  25. Monitor mentions of your property management company name, community name and neighborhood on social networking websites and respond accordingly.

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